Why is BANK BM better?

A technology-first approach

Connect your money to your friends and family from anywhere, anytime. Our state-of-the-art technology keeps your money safe and always available.

Reports and financial statements

We are clear in your accounts, with reports and financial statements you can have better control of your money.

Quick Platform

Our platform with latest generation technology is always available wherever you are.

Total Security

Best security and encryption technology keeps your data and money safe.


Watch your money grow with our investments, the best paid on the market at 9%

World class bank

With more than 20 million customers around the world

Our more than 20 million customers around the world trust us, making their money grow and having better control of their finances, with an unparalleled and easy-to-use banking platform.

Digital wallet

With your digital wallet you will be able to save like never before having better control of your money without overspending.

Real-time identification

Our sophisticated digital system will know it's you and always you, your digital credential protects you.

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The loan you need

We present you the BANK BM credit card

The only one that does not charge you commissions or annual fees, you only pay for what you use, accepted all over the world and on the Internet.
Improve your credit bureau with this card.
Get it instantly by just having your digital account opened

Always available

Your BANK BM credit card is always available in your digital banking when you need it.

Credit up to $50,000 Canadian dollars

We grant you credit up to $50,000 Canadian Dollars on your BANK BM credit card

Quick and Safe

Our online banking is completely Fast and Secure

With our new online banking platform, you can now make your movements faster and safer, with the most current technology and security

  • Free of commissions
  • Digital debit card
  • Transfers to other banks
  • 100% Safe and Quick
  • Available 24/7 365 days a year
  • Real-time movements
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What else you can do for your money?

Some features of your online banking

If you are one of the people who likes to have access to your bank 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, this is your bank, the bank you were waiting for.


Withdraw at ATMs

You will be able to withdraw your money at ATMs such as ScotiaBank, RBC, Citibank Canada and/or HSBC Canada with your physical card.

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Account statements

Your account or financial statements, always in your email, have the convenience that you will have in detail each of your movements.

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Transfer to other banks

Transfer money to other banks or friends and family, always with the confidence and speed we offer you

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Smart investing

We put at your disposal our online investment system, another service for you and your money.

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00 M

We already have more than 20 million customers in the world.

00 M

More than 19 Million credit cards granted.


Presence in more than 89 countries worldwide.


Banking awards granted by the IMF.

Buy with digital card

Purchases with digital cards

It is very easy to purchase with your digital card in just 4 easy steps.


1. Open your Online Banking

Open your online banking, go to the See CVV section to see the security code of your digital card


2. Scan the QR

Open your camera, scan the QR of the business you are going to pay at.


3. Pay using your BANK BM account

Select “Pay with BANK BM.”


4. Have you already paid with your digital card

Wait for the transaction to be authorized and that's it, you've already paid with your BANK BM digital account.

Your BANK BM account is your key to unlocking a universe of opportunities. Whether you make international payments, receive funds, manage your digital business, or access capital, BANK BM opens your business to the world.

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Countries where we have presence

With a presence in more than 89 countries around the world

We have millions of clients around the world, we are the global bank of your digital preference, unique in the world.

Image UK

Since 2010

Image Kuwait

Since 2008

Image Germany

Since 2009

Image Portugal

Since 2014

Image Sri Lanka

Since 2010.

Image Türkiye

Since 2013

Image Canada

Since 2005

Image New Zealand

Since 2005.

And many more countries in the world and we are going for more.